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Barcelona (SPA) hosted the 49th FIS International Ski Congress (1-6 June)

Fiemme 2013 OC illustrated the Final Report in a very original and …delicious way

Four rounds of applause from FIS President and delegates

The future in Italy’s Val di Fiemme reads Roller Skiing, XC and much more



‘Let me please welcome you all to our Bella Fiemme Restaurant.’

The Spanish city of Barcelona housed the 49th FIS International Ski Congress last week, and the Fiemme 2013 OC kicked off the Final Report speech flipping through an original ‘Italian Style Menu’ so as to briefly and deliciously illustrate the recent FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Trentino Fiemme 2013.

Bruno ‘Spaghetti’ Felicetti and Angelo ‘Tortellini’ Corradini, Fiemme OC Marketing Communication Manager and Secretary General respectively, along with OC Presidents Pietro De Godenz and Tiziano Mellarini acted as special chefs and read the Menu to over 1000 delegates gathered in the room.

‘We began with an Italian aperitivo – started off Angelo ‘Tortellini’ – a sparkling Trento Doc Opening ceremony served in Duomo Square, one of the most beautiful square in our country.’ And the Antipasto was a ‘fresh and tasty carpaccio – continued Bruno ‘Spaghetti’ – for 417.623 enthusiastic sport fans gathered inside two colourful stadiums.’ First course: Tagliatelle Bolognese with 700 athletes around the table plus Cream of Champi(gn)on Mushroom sauce, followed by a T-Bone steak, medium cooked and dressed with a special TV sauce. ‘We reached over 600 million people all over the world’, underlined Bruno ‘Spaghetti’ and added ‘An incredible Mixed Grill BBQ was served by 1.313 local volunteers we are all very proud of, and the ‘South Nordic Festival’ was the dessert, the funniest and most entertaining ever with over 33 events in 13 days.’

The special Menu by Fiemme 2013 OC was an Open and Eco-friendly one, persons with disabilities were allowed to totally enjoy any race and event plus all the changes to the venues before the Championships were made with profound respect with environmental issues. Furthermore, after the 2013 World event both stadiums were used during the past winter season for the Winter Universiade Trentino 2013 and the FIS Nordic Junior & Under 23 World Ski Championships.

‘And don’t worry about the bill’, eventually exclaimed Angelo ‘Tortellini’, ‘it was entirely paid by our partners and sponsors.’

One more round of applause! FIS President Gian Franco Kasper and Secretary General Sarah Lewis appreciated once again the winning menu offered by Fiemme 2013 OC, and the same recipe could be used in the future for some new big event. Stay tuned for more details!

Val di Fiemme will get back on track soon with the 2014 Rollerski World Cup Finals next September and the Rollerski World Championships in 2015, plus two NC World Cup stages at the end in January and February 2015 and the Tour de Ski Finals to be held for the next four seasons.

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